Mathematics and Sciences

Our Philosophy:

Science education is intended to create scientifically literate citizens who will be able to function in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain an understanding of how science creates new understandings, the limitations of science, and how it applies to their daily lives.

Essential Understandings:

cience is not about finding the truth. It is about providing the best explanation based upon all current data. New data may require new explanations.There are a few fundamental forces in nature. These forces are responsible for the creation of the stars and planets, changes to the stars and planets, interactions between atoms and molecules, and motion. Life changes over time in response to changes in environment. The structure of matter is responsible for the physical and chemical properties of all substances, including living organisms. Energy is a fundamental concept in science, describing how forces affect motion, how atoms and molecules form chemical bonds, and how cells function.

Teaching fraternity from the Mathematics and Science department:

1 Mr. Samuel Wagura Chemistry [Senior School]
2 Mr. Robinson Alianda Physics [Senior School]
3 Mr. Richard Nyamangwa Mathematics & Physics [Senior School]
4 Mr. Manasse Monday Biology [Senior School]
5 Mr. Moses Muthoka Mathematics & Physics [Senior School]
6 Ms. Rosemary Muthoni Mathematics & Chemistry [Senior School]
7 Mr. Victor Obeto Physics & Mathematics [Senior School]
8 Ms. Linda Nkatha Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
9 Ms. Jane Bowen Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
10 Ms. Jane Waitherero Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
11 Ms. Monica Njoki Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
12 Mr. Edward kemboi Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
13 Ms. Juliet Fwaya Science & Mathematics [Junior school]

As a department, we always have a vision that guides the learners in realization of their goals and personal uniqueness such as being stasticians, medics and pharmacists etc.

Mr. Samuel Wagura- HOD Mathematics and Sciences

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