Swimming Gala

This is organized by the Games Department where competitors from within Melvin Family take part. This takes care of all age groups right from Under 7 to open. The swimming activities include: The Individual Medley, Breast Stroke, Back stroke, Butterfly stroke, Free stroke, Water polo, Obstacle relays among many others. Pupils and students love the sport and always an opportunity to participate in externally organized galas and win prizes.

Annual Prize Giving Day

This day marks the Climax of the school calendar and is normally at its peak. This is when pupils, students, teachers, parents and the School Management Board come together to celebrate victory for the achievements in the whole year. Year six normally graduates in readiness to join Form one for the Key Stage 3 lead by the Deputy Principal - Junior Section. Academic and co-curricular prizes are awarded and speeches are made. It is normally in mid-July after which everyone enjoys the long recess in readiness for the new academic year in September.

Annual Quiz Challenge

All academics and indoor activity in a closed set up are done in the school through this programme. It is convened by the Science and Mathematics Department which incorporates other subjects in their respective approaches. This in Melvin, is regarded to as Exposed Inclusive Learning. Learners as well as teachers assess the learners and themselves. They too learn from each other.

Annual Cultural, Talent search and Beauty Pageant

The Annual Talent and Cultural Search in Melvin is one of the most treasured Key Activities. It is convened by the Humanities Department and is held once every year. This programme takes care of all pupils' and students' talents like; dancing, Singing, Playing musical instruments, chanting, Comedy show, indoor sporting etc. This helps in realization of a child's natural ability to do things outside the academic programmes.

Melvin Education Expo

The Melvin Education Expo is on its own a self-driven programme in its nature because it tells who we are and all we do. Subjects, department and the school at large maneuver their opportunity through the programme to sell themselves to the outside world. Visitors and parents are normally incorporated in the beauty of the event which takes place once every year. Education based business people both local and international get an opportunity to portray themselves in affiliation to Melvin. Careers advises are given too in the same progamme.

Annual leavers party

After completion of the O-level and A-level programmes in Melvin, a party is thrown in appreciation for the already finished candidates. Speeches are made, cakes are cut entertainments done, wishes are made and foods and drinks are served. This marks the ultimate ending of their respective courses. It is held after finishing their GCSE and GCE exams. Normally, the Year 10s and Year 12s host the programme. It is one of the most colourful annual events in Melvin.

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